recesses of a fried brain

by ctrl cult delete

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another solo album (including collaborations) featuring hannah from hollywood horror. Includes covers of puffy amiyumi, jordaan mason, and teen suicide. Another clusterfucky album with no organization, and more variety than anything. Keeping to my experimental roots and not doing any less or any more than i want to.

Thanks to my friends for being there and keeping me sane enough to focus on recording. BIG THANKS to Hannah from hollywood horror for the the quick and amazing work on the vocals for "august". Thanks to Kaitlyn Kennedy for the album art! Thanks to Hayden for the art for "ms melancholia", Thanks to Hayleigh, Sierra Scott, Austin Revell and Jordaan Mason for motivating me to keep to my music in some way or another. Thanks to Malcolm X for having ever existed at all, and thanks to all fellow queer musicians and local musicians who are trying their best to get noticed, you inspire me more than anything and anyone else.


released July 8, 2017

hannah from hollywood horror, kaitlyn kennedy(album artist)



all rights reserved


ctrl cult delete Elyria, Ohio

task manager but for cults. experimental project of abby sherrill from waste yourself. LOFI / INDIE / EXPERIMENTAL /

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Track Name: august
it's august, and I've forgotten most of the year, the occasional memory passing through my head like leaves blowing in the cool autumn breeze, stopping for a short moment to reflect and catch its breath. Fading and changing each season, losing its color and becoming harsher and more distant, only to be forgotten, erased under mounds of fresh new experiences, that will also become desiccated, umber leaves in a year's time. But some memories stick out. Sometimes, unlike an evanescent dying root, memories will stand firmly in the ground, its stems growing deeper into the earth, resisting the changing of seasons, growing into trees and forests in your head. An unstoppable force, but nothing can resist the harsh gust of time. all trees eventually fall. Even then, these memories stay with you. They stain your soul, and they become part of you. They carry on with the rest of your energy when you take your last breath, and when you finally fall victim to the calm but ruinous breeze of time. I think about you sometimes, and I want you to know that the seasons are changing, and I'm okay.
Track Name: teen titans (puffy amiyumi cover)
when there's trouble you know who to call
from their tower they can see it all

when there's evil on the attack
you can rest knowin they got your back
cause when the world needs heroes on patrol

teen titans go!

with their super powers they unite
never met a villain that they liked

they got the bad guys on the run
they never stop til the job gets done
cause when the world is losin all control

teen titans go!
Track Name: acid slut
you took the knife from your desk
and i couldnt feel my chest
i broke down and begged for it
you knew i was full of shit
you put the knife to my throat
but the end well,
it never felt more remote
you knelt down and dropped the knife
within an inch of my life
i wrapped my arms around you
knew you wouldn't follow through
Track Name: driving from new york to ohio
taking pills in a taxi
passing out in the backseat
dreaming about the end
of me and all my friends
waking up in cleveland
oh my god im bleeding

talking to myself
in an old motel
falling down the stairwell
waking up in hell
Track Name: he who is on the mountain
She who stands alone
will be glorious at the end
of the state,
when it burns
to the ground

she who lies below the mountain
will rise when the state
is reduced
to ruin

he who is on the mountain
will taste the smite of revolution
he who is on the mountain
will surely taste the smite of revolution

labor will prevail atop the hill
and the regime shall bend to our will